Tarangsri Nivitchanyong, Ph.D.
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Phone: (66)2-564-6700 ext. 3348, 3361

B.S., Chemical Engineering,Northwestern University, USA
Ph.D., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,The Johns Hopkins University, USA

My research interests are on protein expression and mammalian cell culture. After joining BIOTEC in 2007, I have been working on expression of influenza neuraminidase in mammalian cells. Our current project is on cultivating hybridoma cells in a bioreactor to produce monoclonal antibody and developing serum-free media formulations for hybridoma cells.

Influenza neuraminidase expression in mammalian cells

Neuraminidase, a membrane protein of influenza viruses, cleaves off sialic acid and allows virus release from infected cells. Although both oseltamivir and zanamivir are effective antiviral drugs targeting NA proteins, accumulating studies have shown that influenza viruses can develop resistance to these drugs. High amount of biologically active NA proteins are needed for screening assays for novel antiviral compounds against drug-resistant viruses. We have successfully expressed NA head domain of avian influenza in mammalian cells in stable cell lines and in transient expression. In collaboration with Dr. Nanchaya Wanasen, we developed methods to increase neuraminidase expression in mammalian cells.

Hybridoma cell culture in fed-batch stirred tank bioreactor

Monoclonal antibodies are high value proteins used in diagnostic kits for rapid detection of specific antigen, which are important tools in medicine, agriculture, and food industry. We are cultivating hybridoma cells in fed-batch stirred tank bioreactor to produce high quantity of anti-progesterone antibody for use in a diagnostic kit. We are also developing serum-free media formulations to culture hybridoma cells. This work is in collaboration with the Monoclonal Antibody Production Laboratory at BIOTEC.

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