Enzymes are produced by all living organisms, from microorganisms to plants and animals; enzymes are necessary for nearly all of life’s chemical reactions. These reactions include, but not limited to, the metabolic breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones which often resulting in a release of energy (catabolism) and the biochemical synthesis of complex substances with the storage of energy (anabolism). With the advance of biotechnology, increasing numbers of enzymes have been identified and produced before being used in various industries including medicine, agroindustry, commodity production biofuel and modern biotechnology.

Currently, thousands of millions baht are spent for enzymes in Thailand each year. However, most of the enzymes used in Thai industries are imported. The Enzyme Technology Laboratory was established to identify and characterize novel enzymes with desirable characteristics by taking advantage of Thailand’s biodiversity, especially the hugely diverse variety of microorganisms. Research in Enzyme Technology Laboratory is focused on the identification and biotechnological utilization of enzymes for industrial processes. The laboratory’s activities include all aspects of enzyme biotechnology from screening of enzymes from microbial isolates and from metagenomic libraries, gene isolation, enzyme production in wild-type microbes and recombinant systems to development of enzymatic processes in industry.

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