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Hydrogel 10

Cassava starch-based hydrogel as a superdisintegrant in drug tablets

Superdisintegrants are being used in the drug formulation to provide an immediate disintegration of tablets when being placed in a liquid environment leading to a rapid release of the active ingredient. BIOTEC researcher has developed the process to prepare cassava starch-based hydrogel which can be used as a superdisintegrant in drug tablets. Hydrogels are crosslinked polymeric materials which have an ability to absorb significant amounts of water in their three-dimensional polymeric matrix. The developed cassava starch hydrogel can quickly absorb water and swell very fast without the formation of viscous gel layer which may interfere with the release of the active material. This quick swelling of hydrogel particles exerts a tremendous force within the tablet and results in a rapid disintegration; thus, enhancing drug dissolution rate and improving its bioavailability. The developed hydrogel can also be applied in granules, capsules or other forms of solid preparation that require rapid release of the active compound.

This technology is ready to be transferred to entrepreneurs in the drug development industry.