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Immunochromatographic Strip Test for Alpha Thalassemia Detection

The alpha (α) thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes anemia and other health problems. The disease is caused by mutations in genes that regulate the production of hemoglobin. PCR technique is commonly used to detect alpha thalassemia carrier but the technique has some limitations for the need of expensive equipment and well-trained technicians.

This new detection method is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay to detect Hb Bart’s in red blood cell hemolysates, which is usually present in a small amount in red blood cells of the carriers of alpha thalassemia 1. The technique is easy to perform, inexpensive, quick and no equipment necessary.

This technology has been licensed to i+MED Laboratories Company Limited and the product is available under the trade name “i+LAB αTHAL”.