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Wastewater Treatment System for Biogas Production

This anaerobic wastewater treatment’s unique feature is the microbes immobilized on the medium surface so that they can be retained at length. As a result, the system can simply eliminate over 80% of the organic matters in wastewater without the need of a costly chemical pre-treatment step. It is particularly suitable for agro-industrial wastewater with high level of suspended solids such as those from starch, fruit, and food factories. More importantly, it produces biogas which can be used to produce energy for the plant.

This system has already been installed in several types of industry:
• Starch factories: Cholcharoen, Chaiyaphum Plant Products, Northeastern Starch (1987) and Sima Inter Product
• Palm oil factory: Thachana Palm Oil
• Dry fruit / canned fruit factories: See Ong Hong Enterprise and Ruam Arharn

Factory operators interested to install this Wastewater Treatment System for Biogas Production can contact BIOTEC Excellent Center of Waste Utilization and Management (ECoWaste) for further consultation.