ENZease: Duo-activity Enzyme for One-step Biodesizing and Bioscouring Process of Cotton Fabrics

ENZease is a duo-activity enzyme for one-step biodesizing and bioscouring process of cotton fabrics. It contains amylase and pectinase activities which are capable of working at the same pH and temperature range. It was established to replace the conventional chemical process and combined the desizing and scouring steps of cotton fabrics. The use of ENZease provides many benefits that could not be obtained from the conventional two-stage pretreatment process using chemicals and/or other commercial single-activity enzymes currently available in the market. ENZease is able to lower chemical consumption, minimize step in the process, shorten treatment time, and thus reduces operational cost and space, making the large-scale operation more simple and cost effective.

ENZease was co-developed by BIOTEC, in collaboration with MTEC and Thanapaisal R.O.P., a local textile company.

This technology is available for licensing.  For further information, please contact BIOTEC Business Development Division.