Improvement in Energy and Resource Efficiency in Cassava Starch Industry

BIOTEC, NSTDA and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi has supported and conducted research and development to improve the production efficiency in the cassava starch industry, aiming to increase competitiveness of this industry in the global scene. The work involved water and energy audit; making an improvement on the production units to minimize starch loss and save energy and water; and the development of wastewater treatment reactor for biogas production.

With the collaboration with GIZ (German International Cooperation) and the Department of Industrial Promotion, the capacity building program was implemented, consisting of the developments of guidelines and practical training module for factory managers and operators, as well as the organizations of training workshops and establishment of cassava network. Twenty-four cassava starch factories have implemented this technology, and have reduced starch losses and saved considerable water and energy consumption.