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Tubular Denitrification Reactor (TDNR) 

A closed aquaculture system is normally equipped with nitrification biofilter, which serves the purpose of converting highly toxic ammonia to nitrate. However, high concentration of nitrate causes stresses and affects reproduction of aquaculture, and thus the system still requires water exchange.

BIOTEC researcher has developed a Tubular Denitrification Reactor (TDNR) for nitrate removal. With TDNR, water can be recirculated within the system hence water exchange can be prolonged for a year or more.

This technology has already been licensed to a few companies with different applications. Aquatica Co., Ltd., an operator of aquarium retail and installation, uses TDNR in a large aquarium. Sea Born Co., Ltd. has TDNR installed in an intensive fish breeding tank; whereas Thai Luxe Enterprises Co., Ltd. in a feed-trial aquaria.