Bio-organic Chemistry Research Team

The aim of our Bio-organic Chemistry Research Team is to create the capacity building for finding bioactive substances from microbes, chemical synthesis/synthetic modification, and development of methods for producing important components for application uses in medicine, agriculture, food supplement industry, health and beauty, etc. with the detail as follows:

1) Our current research is focused mainly on searching for bioactive substances from microbes (with high richness and diversity), collected from various places in Thailand. Group of microbial strains are screened for selected biological activities. The potential strains with tentative capability to produce new bioactive substances are cultured in large scale fermentation, extracted, and purified by activity guided isolation / identification. De-replication technique by using database from our research team's

compound library helps to prevent the isolation of the same substances that have been previously isolated. The new substances are evaluated for some interesting biological activities in order to find the application uses in any fields of interests. Examples of related projects include: 1. Building a chemical library of microbial metabolites which consists of pure substances, crude extracts and chemical profile information (HPLC / LC-MS), 2. Searching for potential substances for anti-TB drug, 3. Searching for edible mushrooms that has effect in reducing blood sugar levels for application as health food, 4. Searching for potential microbes and extracts for application in cosmetic industry, etc.

2) Chemical Modification of natural substrate to improve biological potency, physical property and bioavailability. Chemical synthesis mimicking natural molecules, media optimization of the microbial culture conditions to increase the production of bioactive substances of interest in sufficient quantity for further study in various fields, leading to the concrete benefits.

3) Building the knowledge in chemical synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) at pre- pilot scale for strengthening the country's pharmaceutical industry.

4) Networking between researchers, academic professor, as well as international pharmaceutical companies to promote the development of bioactive compounds as products.

Services provided

1) High resolution mass spectrometry (HR-ESI-TOF) and Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS)
2) High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode array detector (HPLC with DAD)
3) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry (NMR)
4) Infrared Spectrometry (IR)

Highlights for the past 5 years work are as follows:

1) A total of 800 active substances including 350 of new and 450 of known compounds.
2) Database of 800 compounds (chemical profiles) in our research team’s chemical library.
3) 60 international publications

Bio-organic Chemistry Research Team

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Chawanee Thongpanchang

Research Team Leader
Principal researcher


Masahiko Isaka



Jittra Kornsakulkarn

Senior Research assistant


Chakapong Intaraudom

Senior Research assistant

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Rachada Haritakun

Senior Research assistant

IMG_3413_003108_ปราณี 02

Pranee Rachtawee

Lab assistant

IMG_3273_003125_สุริสา 02

Surisa Kongthong

Lab assistant


Somporn Palasarn

Research assistant

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Malipan Sappan

Research assistant

IMG_3323_003126_อรุณรัตน์ 01

Arunrat Yangchum

Research assistant

IMG_3309_003127_แสงอรุณ 02

Seangaroon Yoiprommarat

Research assistant

IMG_3154_003164_พนิดา 01

Panida Chinthanom

Research assistant


Aibrohim Drama

Research assistant


Nantiya Bunbamrung

Research assistant


Surachet Soontontaweesub

Research assistant


Bio-organic Chemistry Research Team

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