Bioassay Research Team

The Bioassay Research Team is a part of the Biosensing and Bioprospecting Technology Research Group at the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). One of our main purposes is the discovery of microbial natural products that have potential for the development of biological controls against plant pathogens using the combination of biological screening, chemical de-replication based on LC-MS analysis and genome mining approaches. Our research interest also extends to the search for microbial strains that possess the antagonistic activities against plant pathogens and assess their in vivo efficacy to pave the way for the development of the biological control agents for field applications. In addition, our research team has developed the capability to analyze bioactive lipids, such as eicosanoids and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which are known to regulate several physiological systems in crustaceans. Our goal is to understand their roles in shrimp reproductive development and responses against pathogenic infections, with the long-term goals to develop maturation diets for male and female broodstock as well as diets that enhance shrimp immune system during pathogenic infection.

- Platform for the screening of bioactive natural products from microorganisms based on high-throughput anti-microbial assays and LC-HRMS/MS based chemical screening

- Platform technology for quantitative analysis of PUFAs and eicosanoids using LC-HRMS/MS

Bioassay Research Team

IMG_7252_001227_วนิชา 02

Vanicha Vichai

Research Team Leader
Principal researcher


Aiyada Aroonsri


IMG_7450_003770_พัชรวรรณ 01

Pacharawan Deenarn

Research assistant

IMG_7364_002451_พรรษา 01

Punsa Tobwor

Senior Research assistant

IMG_7193_ฐาปนี 02

Thapanee Pruksatrakul

Research assistant


Jindaporn Kongsee

Research assistant

IMG_7523_801822_พิสุทธิ์ 02

Pisut Yotbuntueng

Co-research assistant

IMG_7325_003097_กมลพรรณ 02

Kamolphan Intereya

Lab assistant

IMG_7203_003098_สมจิต 02

Somjit Komwijit

Lab assistant


Wiwat Somyong

Lab assistant

IMG_7336_003554_วิลันดา 02

Wilunda Choowong

Lab assistant


Namkhang Paopan

Lab Technician

IMG_7121_003140_ดอกอ้อ 02

Dok-or Sompong

Lab Technician


Chanakran Nuntabud

Lab Technician


Bioassay Research Team

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