CSIRO and BIOTEC Strengthen Collaboration Through In-Country Visit

The partnership between The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia and BIOTEC has reached the next level following a recent in-country visit by CSIRO delegates. The collaboration, which encompasses research and the manufacturing of APIs and biologics, was extensively discussed during an online meeting prior to the visit.


The in-country visit provided an opportunity for delegates from both countries to delve deeper into the collaborative efforts, gaining insights into the research, API and biologics manufacturing in Thailand. The visit included an overview of the works and facilities at key institutions such as the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), National Vaccine Institute (NVI), and National Biopharmaceutical Facility (NBF).

Heading the CSIRO delegation was Prof. Susie Nilsson, Research Director for Biomedical Manufacturing. The visit facilitated the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the two entities, further solidifying their commitment to advancing research and manufacturing capabilities in the field.