Frontier Biodesign and Biomolecular Engineering Research Team

The Frontier Biodesign and Biomolecular Engineering Research Team (IFRT) integrates basic and applied research in the field of biological engineering design; they pursue new discoveries without interdisciplinary boundaries. Its goal is to provide a sustainable understanding of biological engineering to increase competitive advantage on a national and global scale. The team focuses on the development of novel therapeutic agents by integrating expertise in tissue engineering, organoid, medicinal chemistry, vector biology, CRISPR-Cas genetic manipulations, and virology. Through knowledge integration, the team successfully carries out research at the frontiers of science.

  • – The development of programmable antivirals in living organisms (in vivo)
  • – The development of bio-based delivery systems for delivering biomolecules into specific cells
  • – The use of multi-organ-on-chip (MOC) approach for studying biological-based agent delivery systems and developing in vitro disease models
  • – The development of genetic manipulation platforms for studying vector biology and arbovirus control

Frontier Biodesign and Biomolecular Engineering Research Team


Bunpote Siridechadilok

Research Team Leader Senior Researcher

พนิตา ชุติมานุกูล

Suppachoke Onnome

Research Assistant

ศิริภา กออินทร์ศักดิ์

Saharat Techapanalai

Co-research Assistant

วิชิต แพพูล

Chatpong Pethrak

Co-research Assistant

ภัทรพร ศุภปัญญาพงศ์

Nittaya Srisuk

Co-research Assistant

สุพัฒนา จันทา

Rapirat Nantachokchawapan

Co-research Assistant

ปิยสุดา คงแก้ว

Thanat Tiyasakulchai

Co-research Assistant

ธนาวุฒิ เฉียงกลาง

Atchara Jaiboonma

Co-research Assistant

ลีนวัฒน์ พลอยศรี

Sirinapha Klungsaeng

Co-research Assistant

สุชาลี เสือชื้น

Pornthip Aunbamrung

Co-research Assistant

กัลยาภัทร หัสถีรักษ์
ดากานดา มุ่งอาษา

Amporn Suphatrakul

Senior Research Assistant


Frontier Biodesign and Biomolecular Engineering Research Team (IFRT)

113 Thailand Science Park
Phahonyothin Road
Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang
Pathum Thani 12120 Thailand