ENZboost: Feed Supplement

In animal feed industry, the main feed ingredients frequently used in Asia are corn and soybean, which contain high amounts of mannan and galactomannan. These substrates obstruct digestive enzymes and bile acids for feed ingestion in animals. Thus, efficient enzymes that can hydrolyze these substrates are essential for animal growth improvement.  ß-mannanase is generally used to degrade these target polysaccharides into shorter oligosaccharides in animal feed.

ENZboost has been developed as a recombinant ß-mannanase from yeast host with high level of protein production.  With highly thermostable property of this recombinant enzyme upto 90-100◦C as well as its stability in broad pH range, ENZboost can be a promising feed supplement that can be added in animal diets to boost up energy utilization and growth performance.

This technology is being developed in the pre-pilot scale.