NPV for Insect Pest Control

Nucleopolyhedrosis virus (NPV) is an entomopathogenic virus which can destroy larval stage of insects of the order Lepidoptera. Due to its highly specific effect on the insect pest target and safe for human, beneficial insects and environment, NPV has been used for insect pest control as a microbial insecticide for over 30 years.

BIOTEC NPV product, used for controlling beet armyworm, can be applied to shallot, onion, asparagus, cruciferous crops, sweet pea, chili, yardlong bean, okra tomato, mung bean, marigold, orchid, rose and chrysanthemum. The infected larva will die within 3-7 days.

NPV can be purchased from the Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus Pilot Plant for Insect Pest Control of BIOTEC or through distributors.