Feed Enzyme from Local Microorganism

In the study, Aspergillus spp. fungi is found to produce several enzymes, especially pentosanase, which can be used to digest non-starch polysaccharides in animal feed raw materials so that animals can absorb and utilize more nutrients. In return, meat yield and animal health are improved. In addition, the harmless fungi can perform effectively at 39.5°C and pH 3 and 6.8, which are the environmental conditions inside animal stomach and small intestine. Pentosanase produced from Aspergillus spp. was tested at an actual pig farm and outperformed the imported enzyme when used as feed additive.

The technology to produce pentosanase from Aspergillus spp. as feed enzyme was licensed to Asia Star Animal Health Co., Ltd. The product is currently available under the trade name “A-Zyme”. Later on, the company obtained the license to the technology to increase activity of non-starch polysaccharide degrading enzymes developed by BIOTEC, and released a more potent product named “Pentozyme”.