oil palm

Oil Palm Elite Line and Mass Propagation Technology 

BIOTEC research team in collaboration with partner institutes and company developed an oil palm elite line called AKG Tenera by using biomarkers in the selection process. The productivity of AKG Tenera is approximately 31.25 tons/ha (5 tons/rai), with an average oil yield of 25%. It can survive drought up to 90 days.

A somatic seed production method has also been developed to efficiently propagate oil palm. A process to accelerate the generation of somatic embryos using inflorescence as the explant source to prevent parental tree damage was developed. This provides cost-effectiveness and reduces somaclonal variation of mass propagation of oil palm elite line.

This project was financially supported by the Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization), or ARDA. AKG Tenera seedlings have been distributed to farmers since October 2013 by ARDA.