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RD51 Rice (KDML 105 rice with submergence tolerance)

RD51 is a new version of KDML105, or jasmine rice. It is derived from a marker assisted backcrossing (MAB) using KDML105 as the recipient and IR49830 (submergence tolerant rice from IRRI) as the donor. It was developed for flash flooding tolerance.

RD51 is photoperiod sensitive, approximately 155 cm in height and provides an average yield of 4.6 tons per hectare with cooking quality as superb as that of jasmine KDML105. It can survive flashflood for 12 days. The yield of RD51 is far better than that of KDML105 under flashflood condition, thus suitable for rainfed low land.

RD51 was certified by the Rice Department on 12 March 2013.